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    • 04 Aug 2014
    • 6:30 PM
    • 40Plus Dupont Circle Office
    • 7

    Directions to 40 Plus

    Training Class 2014.04

    New Class Starts August 4, 2014

    Summer Special!  40Plus is offering a reduced price of $550 ($100 discount) to take its job search training class starting August 4. Payment arrangements are available. Classes are small (usually 6-7 people) and fill fast. So it is critical that you take advantage of this special offer now!

    The core of the 40Plus commitment to improve your job search is an intensive, four-week training course. Learn how to manage your search and maximize the results.

    Our course leverages the most effective tools and tips from commercial executive search and placement services with the unique power of peer group dynamics to help you develop a solid foundation and an effective plan for your job search.

    Meeting in small groups with facilitators, learn every task of job and career change hands-on:

    • Learn the secret of building resumes from power-packed “Success Bites”
    • Write and critique cover letters tailored to real jobs
    • Discover your interviewing style through taped mock interviews, and refine your technique in a supportive atmosphere
    • Develop a brief self-profile that will make others want to help you
    • Increase your networking skills and confidence
    • Learn how to plan, organize and succeed in your job search
    • Learn how to use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for your job search and to build your brand.

    The class meets over four weeks on Monday and Wednesday evenings (6:30-9:30 p.m.) and Saturday mornings (9:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.).

    In addition, a special social media session will be held one evening (6:30-9:30 p.m.) on a date to be determined with the class.

    Class ends: August 16, 2014

    Next Class: TBD

    Each participant must successfully complete the membership application process.

    The Classes are held at:
    40Plus of Greater Washington
    1718 P Street, NW, Suite T2
    Washington, DC 20036

    near the DuPont Circle Metro, use the South exit

    Directions to 40Plus
    • 11 Aug 2014
    • 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • 40Plus Conference Room***(Doors open at 9:30 for networking and the program starts promptly at 10:00.)

    Directions to 40 Plus

    Monday Morning Speaker: Heidi Shierholz

    "The State of the Job Market in 2014" What is causing today's persistent high unemployment and what it means for your job search.

    with HEIDI SHIERHOLZ, Ph.D, Economist

    What you will learn in this session:

      Is today’s persistent high unemployment being caused by workers not having the right skills for the jobs that are available, or by weak demand for workers at all levels of skill?  


    Heidi Shierholz joined the Economic Policy Institute in 2007. Her areas of research include trends in employment, unemployment, and compensation, income and wealth inequality, the low-wage labor market, the minimum wage, and the gender wage gap. Shierholz is a frequent contributor to broadcast and radio news outlets, including: ABC, CBS, CNN and NPR, and is regularly quoted in print and online media outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post and the Huffington Post.  She has repeatedly been called to testify in Congress on labor market issues.  She is also a member of the board of directors of the DC Employment Justice Center. She previously worked as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto.

    Ph.D., Economics, University of Michigan
    M.A., Economics, University of Michigan
    M.S., Statistics, Iowa State University
    B.A., Mathematics, Grinnell College


    Plan to join us after the meeting for networking.  Many of us carry our conversations to lunch at the nearby Brookings Institution.

    Attire is business casual, recruiters are often present, so we ask all Monday Speaker attendees to contribute to the professional standards and objectives of this important networking meeting.

    Doors open at 9:45 for networking and the program starts promptly at 10:00.40Plus of Greater Washington
    1718 P Street, NW, Suite T2
    Washington, DC 20036

    Dupont Circle Metro Station (Red Line) South Exit

    1. Leave the Dupont Circle Metro Station by the 19th Street SOUTH exit.
    2. At the top of the escalator (street level), turn 180 degrees, and walk a short distance towards Dupont Circle.
    3. Turn right and walk counter-clockwise around the outside of the Circle, past Connecticut and Massachusetts Avenues.
    4. At P Street, turn right . Proceed on P Street past 18th Street.
    5. 40Plus is near the end of the block on the right side, at 1718 P Street, in the Webster House apartment building.
    6. See below for ONCE YOU ARE AT THE BUILDING directions.
    Map & Detailed Directions to 40Plus

    Doors open at 9:30 for networking and the program starts promptly at 10:00.

    40Plus of Greater Washington
    1718 P Street, NW, Suite T2
    Washington, DC 20036

    40Plus of Greater Washington
    Empowering Experienced Professionals
     for Successful Career Transitions

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03 Oct 2012 Unlock your Most Powerful Assets: Your speaking voice, communication and Presentation Skills. With MARILOU DONAHUE
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10 Sep 2012 Tips for Navigating the Government and Public Sector with CATHLEEN O. SZEBRAT
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13 Aug 2012 Creating Career Contentment: Improving Your Job Prospects with Myers-Briggs Temperament with SUSAN KOHM
30 Jul 2012 If you’re so great, how come nobody knows who you are?! with JENNIFER RANSAW SMITH
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21 Jul 2012 Kick Start Your Job Search: A Practical Guide
16 Jul 2012 Workforce Development and Job Placement Services in the District of Columbia with legislative director from DC Councilman MICHAEL BROWN's office and Chief of Staff from Dept of Employment Services (DOES).
09 Jul 2012 How to Create a Purposeful Online Brand! with LAURA M. LABOVICH
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14 Nov 2011 Judith Glasser: Emotional Intelligence and Social Networking-Out of work but plugged in
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15 Aug 2011 7 Things You Need to Know to Land a Job Using Social Media with S. Lynn Cooper
09 May 2011 5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Best Possible Life Today! with Coach AMY SCHOEN
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28 Feb 2011 - Know Your Audience and Make Your Case - FREE WORKSHOP
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25 Oct 2010 How to position yourself for greatness! With Jennifer Ransaw Smith
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05 Oct 2009 SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES: Try Knocking on the Back Door! with Katherine Grace Braeman
17 Aug 2009 Creating a Strategic Job Search Plan with Cathleen O. Szebrat
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26 Nov 2007 Your Holiday Job Search ; Myths and Tips with Anne Hull
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