Meet the Operations Council

The 40Plus of Greater Washington Operations Council or the OpsCouncil is responsible for the day-to-day management of 40Plus. The seven departments that comprise the OpsCouncil -- membership, marketing, training, finance, information technology, development and operations -- are staffed by active members, all volunteers, who contribute 8 hours a week to the organization. OpsCouncil Directors meet every Thursday.  All members are invited to attend.

Brian BeckwithDirector of Operations

Giovanni Cappelletti - Director of Speakers Bureau

Rand Cheadle - Director of Social Media

Tom Goodwin - Director of Recruitment

Jim Kast - Director of Information Technology

Rhonda Kranz - Director of Training

Joy Rodman - Memberships

Ken Schoppmann - Director of Partnerships

Jeryl Skinner - Director of Marketing & Development

Diane Williams - Webmaster

Mariann Zylstra - Director of New Programs


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