Meet the Operations Council

The 40Plus of Greater Washington Operations Council or the OpsCouncil is responsible for the day-to-day management of 40Plus. The seven departments that comprise the OpsCouncil -- membership, marketing, training, finance, information technology, development and operations -- are staffed by active members, all volunteers, who contribute 8 hours a week to the organization. OpsCouncil Directors meet every Wednesday and all members are invited to attend.

Mariann Zylstra, Executive Director

Tom Hutton, Deputy Executive Director

Rhonda Kranz, Director of Training

Jim Kast, Director of Information Technology

Giovanni Cappelletti, Director of Speakers Bureau

Brian Beckwith, Director of Operations

Rand Cheadle, Director of Social Media

Jeryl Skinner, Director of Marketing & Development

Serge Thomas, Social Media Coordinator

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