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Empowering Experienced Professionals for Successful Career Transitions

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As an organization that empowers experienced professionals, managers, and executives for successful career transitions, 40Plus of Greater Washington serves professionals of all races and ethnicities. We stand firm in our support of all people who have been affected by the horrendous racist and violent acts in our country.

YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK -How to Use “The New Body Language” to Get What You Want with Janine Driver

  • Mon, February 21, 2011
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • 40 Plus Office

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Monday Morning Speaker: Janine Driver


How to Use “The New Body Language” to Get What You Want

“Understanding the body language of others makes things work better for you and better for the world!”
-Janine Driver, Lyin’ Tamer

(Attendees to this meeting will be included in the door prize raffle- a full scholarship to the Body Language Institute, a $1,495 value!)

Uncovering the mysteries of body language undefined how people communicate their thoughts and feelings without saying a word undefined is a powerful first step toward mastering any business and social situation. All successful people know that the ability to detect and react to the split-second signals that skim across people’s bodies hundreds of times each day is crucial to getting what they want in life. When something they are doing isn’t effective, they have learned how to adjust their actions to maximize the moment.

Unfortunately, until now, almost all the body language books that have lined the shelves of bookstores for more then a decade have been merely body language dictionaries. Trying to use body language by reading a body language dictionary is like trying to speak French by reading a French dictionary. You could be in Paris, asking the friendly woman on the corner, “Where is the toilet?” when in fact, you’re saying, “Your breath smells like fish.” Things tend to fall apart in an inauthentic mess. Your actions seem robotic; your body language signals are disconnected with each other. You end up confusing the very people you’re trying to attract because your body language just rings false. The people that cross your path each day continue to be unsure of you. Your boss thinks you don’t respect him. Your co-worker thinks you hate her. In addition, occasionally, the public does not believe what you are saying!

That’s why we need to move beyond the vacuum of disjointed, artificial body language to an approach based on YOU undefined your life, your history, your habits. An approach that builds your confidence from the outside in, one that keeps expanding your potential the longer you use it. However, most of all, an approach that makes sense in your world, that applies in all situations, that feels natural and easy to use undefined because it is.

•  You’ll have the control and be able to change the dynamics of any interaction according to your own needs and desires.

•  You’ll have the secret weapon undefined confidence borne of intuitive body language undefined that all successful people share.

During this general session, you'll learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, become a stronger leader, manage your nerves better, and attain ambitious new goals. You'll be better prepared to perform as a persuasive communicator problem-solver, and cunning negotiator. With your vamped-up confidence and enthusiasm, you'll save time, money, resources, and that all-important edge in an often-challenging global environment.

Ready for this? YOU BET YOU ARE. Let’s go!
Attendees will learn how too immediately:

Master the top eight rapport-building guidelines are used by the world’s elite communicators

• Boost your body language knowledge, skills, and abilities by examining pictures and video of the
most powerful men and women on the planet

•  Use the Belly Button Rule as a Truth Magnet

•  Spot the business stances that convey power, authority, nervousness, passivity, and respectfulness

•  Tune up your power gestures

•  Raise others perception of the caliber of your thoughts and directions through using elite verbal and non-verbal success strategies

•  Discover the most powerful success secret when sharing information with others

•  Convey power, authority, and confidence through your stance, walk, hand gestures, facial expressions, bellybutton, and the position of your legs and feet

•  Become aware of your effect on others by observing and responding to their body language through using top executive's 7-Second Fixes

Master the top eight rapport-building guidelines are used by the world’s elite communicators



JANINE DRIVER is the founder, president, and lead instructor for the Body Language Institute, an elite certification program that offers award-winning advanced communications training that help executives, sales people, and other professionals build executive presence, explode their selling skills, and create and deliver business presentations that win new business. Janine and her team of the world’s most sought after subject matter experts have helped clients become the total leader, which ultimately led them to win billions of dollars in new business contracts. Her elite A-list clients come from a wide variety of industries including vacation home ownership, real estate, financial services, insurance, high tech, law, media, medical, hospitality, government, consulting, and entrepreneurs.

Janine is an international communications expert, published author, keynote speaker, and a popular media guest. Janine has made appearances on NBC’s Today, The Rachael Ray Show, and CNN’s Larry King Live. She has been quoted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and in magazines such as
Cosmopolitan and Psychology Today. Janine’s book, YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK: The 7-Day Plan on Using the New Body Language to get What You Want! (CROWN) has recently been
released in bookstores worldwide, and is a Washington Post and New York Times Bestseller.

Janine’s background includes being a federal law enforcement officer within the United States Department of Justice for fifteen years, where she trained over 60,000 lawyers, judges, and law
enforcement officers how to read body language and detect deception. Janine travels the world training corporations, law enforcement agencies and numerous associations on the power of body language and how to use to get what you want. Janine also is a popular keynote speaker and presenter and is a certified
instructor at the Institute of Analytic Interviewing.


New Class Starts

March 7, 2011,

Check It Out

Plan to join us after the meeting for networking.  Many of us carry our conversations to lunch at the nearby Brookings Institution.

Attire is business casual, recruiters are often present, so we ask all Monday Speaker attendees to contribute to the professional standards and objectives of this important networking meeting.

Doors open at 9:15 for networking and the program starts promptly at 10:00.

40Plus of Greater Washington
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40Plus of Greater Washington
Empowering Experienced Professionals
 for Successful Career Transitions

Empowering Experienced Professionals for Successful Career Transitions

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