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Empowering Experienced Professionals for Successful Career Transitions

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As an organization that empowers experienced professionals, managers, and executives for successful career transitions, 40Plus of Greater Washington serves professionals of all races and ethnicities. We stand firm in our support of all people who have been affected by the horrendous racist and violent acts in our country.

We condemn the police brutality that led to the tragic and needless death of George Floyd, along with others before him such as Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile and Eric Garner. We also condemn the violence, bigotry and systemic racism that has occurred during the past 400 years, particularly against black men and women in our nation. Furthermore, we stand firmly against discrimination of any kind including age discrimination, which frustrates many of our members during their search for new employment.

We offer our condolences to the family of George Floyd, his friends and loved ones. As a way to honor his memory, we stand ready to work with other agencies and community-based organizations, along with the community at large, to end injustice in all its forms against the oppressed and all persons of color.

Buried in Business Cards? How to Re-connect and Follow Up with Ease with Jeanine Cogan, Ph.D.

  • Mon, April 20, 2009
  • 9:45 AM - 11:29 AM
  • 40Plus of Greater Washington

Buried in Business Cards? How to Re-connect and Follow Up with Ease

So you've collected all those business cards. Now what?

You've introduced yourself and answered "What do you do?" dozens of times. Now what?

What are good "next steps" with the people you meet?

How can you teach people about your character and competence so you build trust and credibility?

What is the one tool that when used will make follow-up natural and easy?

Certified leadership coach and professional speaker, Jeanine Cogan will share with you the secrets of follow-up at this meeting. Turn networking into something you love . . . rather than loathe!


Jeanine Cogan has coached a wide array of professionals including CEO’s, small business owners, government employees, writers, musicians, artists, employees of non-profit organizations, teachers, and professors.

Jeanine received her training in coaching with Newfield Network, a certified executive coaching program. She is also trained as a social psychologist, earning a doctorate degree from the University of Vermont in 1993. She has coached business students at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and is part of the faculty of the Center for Continuing and Professional Education at Georgetown University.

Jeanine brings years of experience as a facilitator, trainer and public speaker to her coaching practice. She has spoken nationally and internationally at more than 100 professional conferences, community talks, seminars and workshops receiving excellent reviews for motivating her audience to take positive action in their lives.

Dr. Cogan’s extensive background along with her warm and authentic style is a winning combination for a range of professional arenas. The diverse organizations and companies that have requested her expertise demonstrate her skill at tailoring a message and/or service to fit the audience.

Dr. Cogan’s most extensive organizational development project was to create a new non-profit organization, the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy & Action with a team of professionals. This Coalition grew from 5 founding organizations to 22 and captured the attention of important policy makers in less than three years. As consultant to this project Dr. Cogan facilitated the successful creation of a vision, mission statement, annual and five-year goals, a board of directors, and the bylaws. She prompted crucial conversations to enable the organization to expand, change and succeed.

Over her career she has received numerous awards. In 1998 she received a highly competitive policy award from the American Psychological Association as the Baily Science Congressional Fellow where she worked for a Member of Congress.

In 1999 Dr. Cogan was nominated for the Raymond Fowler Outstanding Mentoring Award for her commitment to mentoring students and young professionals. In 2000 she earned the status of Fellow from a division of APA for her outstanding contributions to psychology and public policy. In 2004 she earned the Wings of Hope Award for her ability to inspire others to use their voices to make a difference in the world. In 2005 she was the National Honoree for the HEED Foundation for her visionary leadership in the area of eating disorders and federal policy.

Jeanine C. Cogan, Ph.D.
Cogan Coaching, Inspiring Professional & Personal Success

“Through my work with Jeanine, I published my memoir and established a publishing company. I'd been unable to move forwards or backwards, blocked by fears and assumptions. As a coach, Jeanine is wonderfully talented, practical, warm, inspiring, and committed to her clients' success.”

Nicole J. Burton, author of Swimming Up the Sun: A Memoir of Adoption.

Empowering Experienced Professionals for Successful Career Transitions

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